What is Communication?

What Is Communication?

And what is the best way to communicate via video on CMNS Pages? Check out the two videos below. Both are uploaded to the server space available to CMNS Pages users. The first is an .avi file, the second is .flv (flash).

[EDIT] I cut this video out because playing onload was just way too annoying.


Get the Flash Player to see this content.

As you can see, the Flash video is MUCH smoother and. more importantly, FAST. It’s also much, MUCH smaller which is a big win when dealing with Web video.

So, the best way to post video from your computer to CMNS Pages is to convert the video to Flash (I can do this or if you have Adobe Flash, you can too) and upload it using that “Embed Video Plugin” button up there on the toolbar (the TV icon). Unfortunately, you must take another step of finding the URL of your Flash video and then inserting that full URL into the flashvideo tag as such:
NOTE: delete the ** and replace the VideoURL with the URL and make sure there is a space between the last letter in the URL and the /]

[**flashvideo file=VideoURL  /]

Here’s what I pasted into this very post (without the **):

[**flashvideo file=http://pages.cmns.sfu.ca/dana/files/2009/07/what-is-cmns1.flv /]

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